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KYC report into Egyptian multinational contracting company


In October 2022, a client requested us to carry out an investigation into an Egyptian multinational contracting company and its main principals.  The scope of the investigation included checking four affiliates and a further eight subsidiaries for potential red flags. The work was commissioned as part of a KYC exercise for compliance purposes and was focused on the reputation and standing of the subjects.

We carried out the following work:

  • We searched corporate databases, carried out adverse media searches in English, other European languages and Arabic and other public source searches to provide a fully footnoted open source report. The report included detailed analysis of the business’s financing. its involvement in strategic government projects and a history of its establishment.
  • We carried out red flag and PEP searches using the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Database all entities and eight individuals.
  • We conducted interviews with four primary sources including people who had worked with, competed with or had personal exposure to the principals.  We provided transcripts and commentary on these interviews.
  • We delivered our findings in a final report in November 2022

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