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Political analysis of a Gulf state

In spring 2023 a client requested a report on the balance of forces in a Middle Eastern country in which they had investments.  In the months prior to the report there had been a change in leadership and several positions in government were still to be filled. The client requested information on alliances in the leadership, the external ties of several individuals, who was likely to be the next ruler, who were the trusted advisors to the leadership and how the country was sitting in the regional balance of power. 

CbI spoke to some 15-20 primary sources based in the country in question or abroad. They included close relatives of some of the leadership, bankers, retired diplomats and intelligence officials, advisors to the government, academics, investigative journalists and lawyers. We also used our extensive proprietary archives (covering nearly 50 years of the Middle East’s development) to provide information on certain individuals of interest to the client and pull examples from the country’s history to help deepen the client’s understanding of political change. 

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