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Political and security risk review for global energy company

In Spring 2022, a global energy company requested a political and security risk review for a country they were considering investing in. The country in question was new to them, so they asked for a thorough report which would help inform them on whether to progress their investment plans. 

They asked us to answer questions around:

  • political stability and prospects for stability following the end of the president’s tenure; 
  • whether regional/local crises would post a threat to energy operations in the area of interest; 
  • the quality of energy sector governance and decision-making; 
  • how corruption affected investment and decision-making; 
  • NGO activity affecting energy development; 
  • prospects of international sanctions; 
  • how an ongoing maritime boundary dispute would affect investment;
  • an assessment of security conditions in two locations. 

CbI delivered a 34,000 word report based on 25 sources in the politics and economic spheres, civil society, energy industry, activists, academics, opposition, financial/banking sources and government. 

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