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A series of strategic risk reports into Libyan economic institutions

Over the past 17 years, we have carried out several detailed studies on the main Libyan economic and financial institutions including banking, sovereign wealth and energy sector entities. These reports – based on interviews with large numbers of well-informed sources – have covered key questions of political, financial and reputational risk focusing particularly on governance and have been used by clients to manage their exposure and assess the potential impact of political and security events on their relationships with key individuals and organisations.

These reports were researched and written by a senior CbI executive, drawing on more than 13 years’ experience in reporting on Libya.  In addition to source interviews, they are informed by a detailed archive of documentation related to the Libyan economy and business, which has been compiled over this period and also involved detailed examinations of official audit reports published in Arabic by the Libyan Audit Bureau and the Administrative Control Authority and other bodies.

Sources for these reports included: Libyan political analysts, former politicians, financiers and business people, plus researchers and journalists, officials and diplomats who have worked on the Libya dossier.

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