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AEEP Status Report receives a warm welcome, as Addis meeting acknowledges importance of 'monitoring progress'

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The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP)’s Second High-Level Meeting (HLM), held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 12-13 February, opened with the unveiling of the 66-page AEEP Status Report, giving a detailed analysis of the extent to which Africa and Europe will be able to reach the Partnership’s ‘political targets’, set in 2010, by 2020. 

The targets agreed by African and European leaders provide shared goals for energy access and efficiency, energy security (including electricity interconnections and gas trade) and generation from renewable energy sources.  

As the report observes: “The AEEP is a strategic dialogue that is driven by a desire to deliver positive, practical consequences. From the start the AEEP was conceived with the conviction that outcomes must be measured, establishing benchmarks by which
the performance of Africa and Europe could be gauged… compiling the necessary data is no easy matter: all parties involved in AEEP, and more recent, complementary initiatives, such as [the UN-led Sustainable Energy for All] SE4All, agree that huge work is required to obtain accurate data on African access, energy efficiency and other indicators. The AEEP, with its long-time commitment to linking empirical rigour with practical action, can play a significant role in this process.”

The Status Report was commissioned by the AEEP Secretariat, operated by the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF) in Germany and compiled by a multi-disciplinary team from Cross-border Information (London) Ltd (CbI).

  • The Status Report may be downloaded here, in English and French versions.

Along with other AEEP initiatives, the Status Report is expected help to inform debate in the run-up to the 4th EU-Africa Summit, to be held in Brussels on 2-3 April.

Underlining the importance of data-gathering and analysis to the AEEP, the Addis Ababa Communiqué issued by the Partnership at the HLM’s conclusion included a Recommendation “To continue the reporting and monitoring of the implementation of AEEP activities with the intention to monitor progress towards achieving the AEEP targets as well as the Sustainable Energy for All goals”.

Details of the Status Report were presented in Addis Ababa by CbI chairman Jon Marks

  • A copy of his power point presentation is available here.

The Status Report includes electricity generation and energy security data collated in an AEEP Power Project Database, listing over 2,700 generation projects. This was compiled by CbI, based on 15 years of recording and analysis of projects in the authoritative African Energy newsletter and its Update tables, and developed to meet the AEEP’s needs.

CbI’s experience in the African energy was vital, according to AEEP founding co-chair and Austrian Federal Ministry for Federal and International Affairs Development Unit head Wolfgang Moser. He told the HLM’s opening session that it had proved hard to find experts who knew about Africa and energy and could develop the empirical foundations for the AEEP that are now published in the AEEP Status Report. “It was not easy to find a company who could do this but eventually we found Cross-border Information, which has done an excellent job, as you can see from this report”.

European Commission director of sustainable growth and development Roberto Ridolfi said: "Congratulations on a very excellent piece of work… This [AEEP Status Report] is so good it should also be distributed as an African contribution to SE4All."

For more information contact: Jon Marks or Nick Carn at CbI



The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is one of eight Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnerships, created following the December 2007 Lisbon summit. The AEEP provides a long-term framework for structured dialogue and co-operation between Africa and the EU on energy issues of mutual strategic importance.


Cross-border Information (London) Ltd (CbI) is a business intelligence and consultancy company founded in 1989, focused on people, politics, economic trends and business across Africa and the Middle East. As well as our specialist African Energy Consultancy – which has undertaken projects for the AEEP, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa and other clients – CbI is well known for its online news and analysis services African Energy and Gulf States Newsletter (GSN).

The company also undertakes Africa and Middle East-focused due diligence, corporate intelligence investigations, political risk analysis, market entry studies and other consultancy services through written reports, confidential briefings and interactive seminars. Our staff of regional specialists is backed by an extensive network of local sources and a proprietary database, the CbI Archive.

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