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Côte d’Ivoire on schedule to meet Ouattara’s target of 4GW of electricity generation by 2020

13 December 2017

Inauguration of the Soubré hydropower plant and Globeleq’s announcement of further work at Azito underline Côte d’Ivoire’s ability to raise funds from a variety of sources and deliver infrastructure schemes. Analysis of African Energy Live Data’s project pipeline suggests that President Ouattara’s drive to underpin post-conflict recovery with infrastructure investment could allow CdI to meet its target of reaching 4GW of installed capacity by 2020

The inauguration of the 275MW Soubré hydroelectric power (HEP) plant by President Alasane Ouattara on 2 November marked another step in Côte d’Ivoire (CdI)’s efforts to raise its installed generation capacity to 4GW by 2020. According to African Energy Live Data, the completion of the $653m Soubré plant, built by China’s Sinohydro Corporation and financed largely by the Export-Import Bank of China, has resulted in CdI’s installed on-grid capacity rising to 2,419MW; it stood at just 1,383MW in 2010.

Companies continue to announce investments. London-based independent power producer (IPP) Globeleq on 13 December announced that its 430MW Azito power plant would increase its combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) generation capacity by around 30MW following implementation of technical improvements to increase efficiency and extend the lifetime of equipment.

Further analysis shows that on-grid capacity will reach 4,060MW by 2020, should the pipeline of planned projects be realised. This would exceed the government’s target for 2020 – the year following the next scheduled presidential election. Provided CdI maintains its levels of implementation, Live Data suggests 5,184MW of installed capacity will in service by 2022; this would be more than double the end-2017 figure.

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