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Egypt Power Report 2021

African Energy Power Reports

8 April 2021

Egypt’s power sector is evolving with extraordinary rapidity and focus has switched forcibly towards renewables.

African Energy's Egypt Power Report 2021 is a comprehensive guide to the risks, realities, opportunities and threats associated with entering Egypt's electricity industry.

Lead written by John Hamilton, the report makes a detailed examination of the government’s power sector priorities as it plans for the next phase of procurement and examines the opportunities and challenges facing the electricity supply industry, including the impact of coronavirus on demand growth and sectoral reforms and the government's ambitious renewable generation targets.

The report examines sector opportunities, including:

  • An imminent opening of a secondary market for solar FiT project.
  • Progress towards the potential sale of three 4.8GW gas-to-power (GTP) plants and the alternative priorities that the authorities could use for evaluating bids in a process which is still opaque.
  • Early net-metering projects, which represent the first phase of market-based projects.
  • The prospects for Egypt as a regional energy hub.

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