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EUEI PDF AEEP – Review of the AEEP Political Targets

In 2017, GIZ appointed us as services provider to the EUEI Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF) to help it in its mission to provide operational and logistical support to the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP). The project involved the collection and analysis of electricity sector data on Africa for the production of the 2017-18 Status Report.

The report assessed Africa’s progress towards meeting the AEEP’s energy targets on access, security, renewables and efficiency. The report also analysed the harmonisation of African energy initiatives, alternative measures to meeting targets, policy developments across the continent and quantitative analysis of African and European financial contribution towards energy projects and programmes.

As consultant to the AEEP, the service also provided a review of the political targets, and how these should be adjusted for the initiative’s next ten-year cycle starting in 2020.

As consultant, Cross-border Information showed extreme flexibility due to the AEEP’s late need to produce a larger than expected report for presentation at the Africa-EU summit in Abidjan, 2017.

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