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Solar Data Insights Report 2010–24

CbI's African Energy has launched the first in a new series of data-driven reports focused on African power markets.

Solar Data Insights Report 2010-2024 supports the view that solar installed capacity (MW) projects capacity will reach an estimated 18GW by 2030 – a 1.5 times increase on 2020.

Based on constantly updated proprietary data, in-house analytics supported by graphs, tables and maps, the report offers an essential grounding for any investor, lender or developer charting a strategy in this dynamic market.

The report consists of an analytical PDF and an excel containing underlying aggregate data from African Energy Live Data – our proprietary database of more than 6,200 power projects – that not only provides incisive read-outs to support strategic decision-making, but also allows users to set their own parameters, and to develop and test conclusions within their own analytical frameworks.

Discover more about the report on the African Energy website


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