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Specialist Publishing


CbI plays an active and participatory role in the African energy sector through African Energy  – providing consultancy, data, news and networking events to investors, developers, operators, government officials and other stakeholders.

In the Middle East, CbI has become one of the leading providers of analysis on the ruling families and elites of the Gulf region through Gulf States Newsletter (GSN).

Flagship report writing

Organisations looking to publish major flagship reports need to marshal a broad set of capabilities, ranging from publishing management, editorial conception and planning, through to reporting, writing and editing of copy, data analytics, data presentation, infographics, design and layout.

The client may be a development institution, a governmental agency, international body, or industry association.

The intention may be to benchmark progress towards development goals or policy objectives, to highlight an emerging sectoral trend, or to provide insights to a targeted constituency of members or sector participants.

Cross-border Information’s editorial expertise and rigorous approach delivers intellectually credible, methodologically sound, stimulating and highly readable reports for broad public distribution.

Selected track record