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Strategic Advisory

Clear insights for crucial business decisions

Our strategic advisory work makes apparently opaque commercial and political systems more understandable, helping you navigate potential minefields to develop profitable business in even the most difficult of jurisdictions.

Our services for private clients include provision of:

  • market evaluation and market entry studies
  • project-based feasibility studies
  • competitor analysis
  • detailed political risk analysis, including scenario building, and stakeholder and influence mapping.  


Using political risk analysis techniques, we evaluate how political forces and personalised politics may impact on a client’s business.

We apply bespoke research to describe the actual implementation of regulatory and legislative frameworks, contextualising ministries, agencies or local corporations, and identifying key influencers and decision-makers.

Our diverse team of political scientists, security experts, economists and management consultants are supported by an extensive network of on-the-ground correspondents and trusted associates.

Findings are delivered either as confidential reports and via face-to-face and telephone briefings.

To find out how we can help your company, please contact Eleanor Gillespie at [email protected]

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