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Business intelligence

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Too much information? Too little information? We can help you obtain the intelligence that is crucial to your business


News monitoring

Telling you what you need to know – no less, no more

  • Save time – we sift and sort the news so you don’t have to
  • Eliminate fake news

Our news monitoring provides tailored news feeds, with analysis if required, on political, economic, commercial, security matters and more. We deliver the news that’s relevant to you, sifted and sorted, so you save time and do not miss key developments.


Source-led monitoring

Local intelligence from trusted sources

  • On the ground, local inquiries by trusted associates
  • Sources in more than 40 countries

With trusted local sources constantly monitoring a situation we can provide you with a clear view of a risk or opportunity. Source led monitoring identifies potential problems to reduce risks, improve decision making and reveal opportunities.

Monthly political and economic risk monitoring

We are producing monthly political and economic risk reports on a number of African and Middle Eastern countries to help inform analysis and decision-making at board level in a prestigious regional research establishment.

African mining monitoring

Since early 2019 we have provided detailed monitoring of political and economic decision-making in the mining sector of an African country for an international client participant with relevant strategic interests.


Eleanor Gillespie, Head of research

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