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Data monitoring and evaulation

African Energy Data Book Launch

Data collection, analysis and monitoring


Tackling the lack of emerging data

We provide detailed, original and data-driven report production for public sector clients, usually focused on African infrastructure. For development finance institutions and clients who require detailed analysis of hard-to-find data, we find methodologies that work in contexts where the usual methodologies cannot be applied.

Through African Energy, we have a an innovative online power database (African Energy Live Data) featuring continually updated and verified data on more than 6,200 power plants and projects and the organisations behind them.


Report production

Revealing trends and future opportunities

We believe that constructing data collection, analysis and monitoring methodologies where conventional datasets are unreliable or unavailable is vital work for investors, policymakers and development professionals.

In areas such as emerging market infrastructure financing or energy access it is essential that sufficiently reliable data is garnered and used to produce reliably indicative datasets from which trends can be established to reveal future risks and opportunities.


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