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Integrity and compliance

For your business security, to find the right partner or to meet your compliance and KYC requirements we provide:

Reputational due diligence

Secure your business and meet AML/CFT/KYC/FCPA and Bribery Act compliance requirements.

To reconcile discrepancies and provide insights that contextualise a company’s or individual’s position, local information is gathered by our experienced team of regional experts who work with research associates in over 40 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

Screening corporate/public records

We can obtain official documents on potential partners, reliably and properly, using local sources to conduct paper-based searches of the relevant registries, courts, ministries or agencies, or through partnerships with local law firms.

Local source enquires

Our regional specialists constantly monitor jurisdictions in Africa and the Middle East. This ensures we understand the commercial and political environments, so we can immediately focus on your specific research needs. Working alongside our in-country research associates, we are able to conduct discreet local source enquiries to answer your questions on an organisation or individual’s reputation, political exposure, and track record.

To view our capabilities and see past case examples, please view the where we operate section, or alternatively contact:

Eleanor Gillespie, Head of research

E: [email protected]