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Working for us

Our strategy centres on the development of regional specialists who constantly monitor and analyse the commercial, political and economic environments in countries or regions in Africa and the Middle East. We employ regional specialists who have already shown a keen interest in a country or region by obtaining a post-graduate level degree in that area. Our regional specialists are encouraged to continue learning about their area of interest through research and further study as well as visits to the locations in which they specialise to deepen their understanding of local business and political processes and develop networks of local contacts.

CbI is opposed to unpaid or low paid internships but we do sometimes take on interns who show an exceptionally keen interest in Africa or the Middle East.  Interns are paid wages in line with a graduate starting salary.

Vacancies at CbI are always advertised on our website. You are welcome to send your CV to us for consideration for future employment opportunities.

CbI does not have any offices in East Africa - in 2014 and again in 2015 a scam has circulated claiming that CbI is offering job vacancies in the region through its African Energy brand. This is a scam - for more details please read this release from October 2015.

To view all current vacancies click here.

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