Cross-border Information's values are summarised in a single word "Intuit" which stands for the following attributes underpinning all our work:

  • Independence

CbI takes a non-ideological, non-partisan view of the markets its people work in, but our dedicated teams are deeply committed to the countries and industries they work in, from compliance and strategic advisory to renewable energy and climate change. The company has no hidden shareholders or sponsors. The equity-holders work in the company.

  • Networks

CbI has, over decades, developed networks of associates across its African and the Middle East areas of specialism. These associates may be journalists, compliance-focused investigators, experts over a wide range of disciplines and data-gatherers – that list is not exhaustive. This diverse company of associates works with Cbi staff – the majority of whom are regional and/or sectoral specialists, who themselves maintain broad and well-informed networks of sources, contacts and partners.

  • Transparency

Owned by its staff, There is no hidden hands at work in CbI. Rather, the company is committed to the greatest levels of transparency possible – as when investigating cases of potential malfeasance.

  • Understanding

CbI's regional focus is driven by expert staff who maintain a deep interest in their countries of expertise, from Algeria to Zimbabwe. This means, as a senior executive with a major London Business intelligence company put it: "I came to understand that CbI not only does the diligent research, but that its reports also provide a level of understanding and accuracy you don't get elsewhere".

  • Intelligence

CbI is a business intelligence company that publishes its findings and analysis, via African Energy and Gulf States Newsletter; which investigates essential issues in opaque markets (for example, in understanding project economics or exploring in-depth know-your-client issues); which assembles and analyses data. In all these areas – and more – we seek to operate as smartly as possible to provide actionable insight. We're not in the business of ticking boxes.

  • Trust

Integrity in what we do, with whom we work and the projects we commit to is central to CbI's ethos. Trust, we hope, starts with relations between our staff and associates, and expends to our associates, business partners and clients.

To know more about how we can apply these values to your business needs please contact managing director John Hamilton at [email protected]